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    Listen up Y'all.

    Last night when I tried to sign in at Amazon (where I seldom do business) I was greeted with the following message.

    Password reset required

    For your security, we need you to reset the password on your account. We'll email you a code to reset your password.

    We recently found a list of emails and passwords online. The list was not Amazon-related, but we know that many customers reuse passwords on multiple sites. As a precaution, we?re asking you to change your password.

    What this tells me is simply that the username, email and passwords here have been stolen, and have been published on the web.

    That said, this is the reason that this site has been red flagged as insecure.

    Upon further checking I see that this site is hosted at GoDaddy, who are the worst at security of any hosting service. The only thing they have going for them is they are cheap. I was able to find out everything about Main1Event including real name, address, and contact phone number with just a few keystrokes. My advice would to just close this site down.

    I would also advise all members is anywhere you use the same email and password combo that you use here, to go to that/those site's you do and change your password, as you are in jeopardy right now! This will be my last post here, you folks can do as you please, but I'm out of here.

    If you wish to contact me I can be reached at "" It is a double secure mail server located in Switzerland. Make a account there then email me after you do. DO NOT just send a unsecure email to that address as I will never see it.

    Meanwhile I will be cursing around in my blazer88.

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    Breezey ole boy all my best sir hope to see you again. . .

    Hang in there amigo salut!
    "Contempt prior to investigation is evidence of indoctrination" Jim Mars
    Rest in peace Jim

    “One can't learn much and also be comfortable
    One can't learn much and let anybody else be comfortable”
    Charles Fort

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    Ya, it's been a while, so for the fun of it, and on recent advice, I changed it.
    Mark Ancona
    "Deo adjuvante non timendum"

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