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Thread: Sachs: A modest proposal on guns

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    Angry Sachs: A modest proposal on guns

    Here we go.

    Jeffrey Sachs: There is a reasonable and constitutional compromise that can be made regarding the Second Amendment

    Non-military arms can be owned for self-defense at home, but semi-automatic assault weapons must be registered at shooting ranges, he writes
    Totally unacceptable. I'll put it right on out there. No compromise.

    While it is a simple fact that no "right in all inclusive". This ain't "Grade School". Plenty of reasonable compromise already exists. I don't pack a full roll out kit when going to the bank. Or the parts store. Or the grocery.

    Imagine keeping nuts from getting guns. That's as impossible to accomplish and stopping them from snapping mousetraps on their dicks. Short of incarceration.


    And criminals would still evade the law, no doubt, so that we would as always depend on police forces for protection of persons and property.
    What a miserable bucket of tomcat piss. Let's throw it on out there because whilst I don't have the links to the incident and I'm a lazy fuck I'll try to keep to what I remember. Small town cops chases a robbery suspect out of town, Thief shooting at the cop, they end up crashing off the road into this guys yard, gun battle ensues, thief has an ak and 6 mags, a glock +4. Cop has a sig +4 and an AR in the trunk. After the wreck the guy is able to pin the cop down he can't get to his ar.

    Homeowner gets his wife and kids to the basement, then garbs his Fn-Fal and proceeds to put an end to the festivities. When the first state trooper came screaming up 20 minutes later he found one dead thief, one shaken but otherwise unharmed cop and homeowner with wife and kids.

    As it should be.

    Yeah. there are a thousand ways that that scenario goes sideways. At the same time it goes against the very grain of everything that it means to be American to deny A Citizen the opportunity to defend himself and his against any evil.

    That just will not do. I will never compromise that.

    Regardless of the fact that it's precedent that it isn't the cops duty to protect "us" anyway. There job is to gather evidence and effect the authority of arrest at the behest of The Persecutor. Monday morning. 48 hours later.

    No solution will satisfy all perspectives. A very large part of the population (roughly one-third) is dedicated to gun ownership, most importantly for self-defense at home, and also for hunting and sports shooting. A majority (roughly two thirds) does not own a gun, and many of them would like to see a ban on all guns including handguns and certainly on semi-automatic assault weapons.
    Pure Barnyard Bullshit. It's about 60% ownership. Let me explain it in concise terms that even this fella can understand. Something awful is about as liberal of a board as there is. While it has lots of traffic it's basically a "subforum clique" oriented forum, 4chan, several others are like that. Part of the deal is that "subforums don't invade and shit up threads in other subforums" The car subforum people stick pretty much to it, unless of course they have a relevant to the topic post about corgi's in the pet island.

    Except when it comes to guns. The last attempt at a gun ban thread was in debate and discussion, it was goonrushed by "The Firing Range" shitposting, blew up to over a thousand pages of hentia poor with over 10,000 unique posters and close to 80k posts. As opposed to the 10 DnD regular hardcore communists 2 pages of self fellatio.

    How is that relevant? That's a little glimpse of how any "ban" or "confiscation" on a national scale would go. There are areas of the country that are lost to the republic. For the here and now.

    It will be messy. It will be bloody. I was hoping that electing trump would buy us a couple of years.

    Then, a guy with absolutely no skills pulls of a military op. A guy that the airforce could have had in jail, the civilian authorities could have had in jail, is running around on the street.

    I was born at night. Not last night. Ruby Ridge was an op. Waco was an op. So was OK City, 9-11, and every one of these shootings. Something in the water? Booze, drugs, video game desensitization. Lets throw in just a little post hypnotic suggestion from a qualified dr in the spook show.

    I down loaded a buttload of books on the subject and while I'm not a PhD on the subject it doesn't take long to see the inner workings of wtf is really going on.

    I've done a little acid in my day, it didn't effect me like the other guys, they would get really wacked out while I never thought or did the silly shit they did. One time shag just falls down, rolling on the ground, screaming, "get them off, help me" thrashing around, jumps in the pond. about waist deep. After about 5 minutes of this he calms down, tells us that he was attacked by bees. I never had anything even remotely close to that. Turns out he had the shit stung out of him when he was a kid, not terribly but still traumatic to a 3 year old.

    Draw your own conclusion as to what's going on here

    In my opinion that could quite possible be a glimpse into a deeply troubled mind!

    Is it a large leap in logic to suspect a sinister agenda by government and the media?

    We are at war, gentleman, and the shooting has started. It might be sporadic, it might be off in the distance.

    For now. They aren't going to see the reality until many more people die. That is the plan. Eliminate half of America and let the globalism begin.

    Here is an example of a regulation that could provide an effective compromise. If individuals want to own semi-automatic assault weapons, either as collectors or for practice shooting, then enforce a provision that such weapons can only be kept at legally registered shooting ranges or other registered depositories, and cannot be removed from the designated premises.
    We used to do that, because, it was much safer at the time to store quantities of powder in a central locations. lol, 2 tons of powder split up between a 20 house town settlement with fire traps sporting indoor fires.

    Then there was a little battle at a place called Lexington. Besides the invention of cartridge ammunition!

    This pathetic micropenis thinks I'm going to store my stuff at the government authorized facility. To be gathered up on a whim.

    Manson Family was a psyop, Jones Town was a psyop. Look for more

    Above all, whatever you do, you gotta resist the urge to cut your nuts off!

    What to do?

    Be prepared
    Not looking for trouble? What a horrible way to live! ~Cpt Jack Sparrow

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