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Thread: Premiums at yalls locations

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    Premiums at yalls locations

    How high of premiums on generics and ASE's are yall paying now? At a LCS we pay $2 on generics and $3.50 on ASE's and Maple Leafs. We usually just buy the generics.

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    It's been a number of years since I've bought local. I haven't made any big buys in a while but will usually buy $100-$200 keeping up with my series 2-3 time a year but mostly with Apmex or Provident these days. Before I moved from North Georgia 7 years ago, I used to buy from a local pawn shop who sold all their generic silver at spot + $1, but silver was in the $8 to $12 range then. The owner of the shop sneered at "semi-numi", paid the same for it and sold it for the same. I used to get Lunars, Kangaroos, Pandas, etc, for cheap.
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