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Thread: Fancy Pants is dropping his laundry

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    Fancy Pants is dropping his laundry

    Our resident semi-tame peacock is dropping his humongumous feathers all over my lawn.

    There are six of them on my front porch alone this morning. They are absolutely beautiful. I haven't picked them up yet, 'cause FancyPants is still sitting on our bench there, and I don't want to disturb him.

    Herself and Your Humble Obdn't &tc go out each moanin to gather them up. We have about six big vases full of them. We give them out to folks here and there... never fails to cheer them up.

    Some of them are nearly five feet long. Some are exotically shaped, and fit beautifully in small vases. (Never have to water the "flowers".

    Lookit what you can do with them (besides making bouquets):

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    Make some nice fly's with those. Yes siree!
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    my parrot gets downright evil when he's molting, cusses, calls you names, demands food, then begs for scratches (it helps the new feathers break in)

    wait. I do that!
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    Sounds like my sister-in-law. You don't want to be around her when she sheds her skin twice a year.

    Keep meaning to have a pair of boots made with it one of these times.
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