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Thread: Took my neighbor to a gun show yestiddy

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    Took my neighbor to a gun show yestiddy

    Despite his name (Davy Crockett), he knows from nuffin about guns.

    He's the guy that made my 1-ton plus target backstop for me. The gun I gave him had plain iron sights. If he was gonna plink, he needed a more modern paradigm: Sights that do not require the shooter to line up everything like a goddamn' slot machine to hit the target.

    eg: Crosshairs.

    We got there early. Wow. The big auditorium was PACKED. If you wanted to move from table to table, you hadda dodge, slip around, or just wait.

    Average price of a handgun (that is what I wuz taking him there to find) was about $700. Since he wanted a handgun for home protection... with a cheap enough caliber that he could practice from time to time... I did some online research.

    First: Automatics were completely out of court. Panicky non-shooters just cannot figure out how to make an automatic work. Wheelgun is the way; no safety needed, and you pick up the gun, point and shoot.

    Second: $1+ per shot cost was over his budget. My .44 Mag Hydra-shok bullets cost me $1.65 per shot.

    So we looked at .38's, .357's, and stuff like that. I love my .357 Mag hammerless, but the ones on sale there were in the $600 range before you walked out with all stuff completed. So no-go.

    I got a little distracted and bought a new scope with brilliant green laser... Herself actually smiled at me!!! When I showed her how to take the rifle, hold it at hip level and hit the fargin bullseye becuz the green dot was so easy to hold there, she went nuts. Loved it. YAY.

    Anyway, at ONE table, a guy had ONE gun that was an underpriced jewel. (I had tole my buddy that we were looking for used guns). It was a wheelie I had never seen before: A Hi-Standard 9-shot snubby wheelie in .22Magnum <-- wanted a snubby... .22Mag was his preferred caliber... since he loves the Hi-Standard Derringer .22Mag that Herself carries.

    Here is a pic,

    Get this: The sumbitch in the pic sold for >$450 used. The one I found at the show was essentially new. The guy had a price tag onnit of $169. No shit. I surreptitiously checked the price about four times to make sure that was the real number.

    And, I got him to sell my bud a 200-round brick for 18c a round!! Normal price is 21c.

    Did some checking... he got the 1957 model. Fargin gun is 60 years old, and looks NIB.

    Then we got him a "toy" scope for the .22 rifle I gave him. It'll work for plinkin'... especially when his wife, Nancy, doesn't have to do the slot machine thing.

    And since I am now one red-dot sight in surplus, I tole him if he didn't like his new toy scope for the .22 rifle, he could have my red-dot. He said, "No way! Put it on one of your other guns."

    I will have to get another picatinny rail...
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    Walt, guns are like rabbits, ya get one, then another, and so on.

    Good find on that wheel gun!
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    I've given up on Gun shows around here. The few that I've gone to in the last couple of years have all been tables of over priced crap.

    Looks like a nice find Walt.
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    smooth -- Gun show prices are like the Pickers on TV talking about the piece of junk they have: "I'm gonna ask [whatever] for it." The tags on the stuff are "suggested prices"... no more than that.

    The only reason I did not come home with a pistol mesef is that HERsef woulda gone 'splodey head on me.

    I saw a guy work a $700 price tag down to $450. Sig Sauer.

    OH! So later in the day, we had his Sentinel shooter out back. We immediately found a problem: The front sight blended so well into the rest of the snubby that you couldn't FIND the fargin thing. Put a dot of White-Out onnit, and we wuz cookin'.

    The Susprise Of The Day
    : Davy's wife Nancy has discovered that she loves to shoot. She put more than a hunnert rounds downrange at my place yestiddy afternoon. She only stopped 'cuz the gun wuz burning her fingers when she was reloading.

    I am giving him my Red Dot sight for his .22 rifle. The POS scope he got for $10 <-- yeah... was useless. We used it as a target.

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