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Thread: The Leftist Nonsense Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by DodgebyDave View Post
    Swedish music festival to go 'women-only' following string of sexual assaults

    because we can't behave, and, no woman has ever assaulted another woman.

    And if they did, it wuz FUN.

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    This is from a while back but reading the commentary I think those that had not seen this will get a kick out of it.

    When it comes to the students of the establishment (all college kids pretty much nowadays with all the entrainment going on) they all of a sudden think twice when they are given the same propaganda about their GPA. All of a sudden you here things like "well I worked for that I don't think that is fair" I agree when it comes to the top of the food chain the .01% - 1% that perpetuates war and subjugation of all on this planet. We all know if it continues there will be only two classes left the haves and the fucked. Thank you Jekyll Island conspirators.

    Anywho LOL here it is.

    Enjoy if you never saw this piece.
    “One can't learn much and also be comfortable
    One can't learn much and let anybody else be comfortable”
    Charles Fort

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